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PATRICK in the MEDIA – What the News is saying about Pat:

"Every time I have the pleasure of seeing Pat walk------that old Michael Jordan Gatorade Commercial pops into my head. “I want to be like Mike”. Only for me it’s “I WANT TO BE LIKE PAT”! You would be hard-pressed to meet a person as determined to help others elevate their quality of life than Pat."

Christopher Reeve: Actor, Director, Producer, Spinal Cord Injury




"It took him three years to learn how to walk again. Seventeen years after the accident, he was running. But not just around the block, Rummerfield was running triathlons including the most grueling of all - the IronMan in Hawaii."
Pete Peterson, FOX sports Director, St. Louis (Host/Contributing Editor MotorSports Weekly)

“Pat's spirit, has totally captured the hearts of Southern California.”
Jim Hodges, L. A. Times

"Quitting is not in this guy's vocabulary."
Gary Graves, USA Today

"Finishing any marathon is tough. Finishing the Antarctica Marathon is extremely tough. Finishing the Antarctica Marathon after being diagnosed as a quadriplegic is a miracle."
Sal Ruibal, USA Today

"Pat Rummerfield, who struggled through 17 years of physical therapy after an automobile accident, finished the marathon in 6:48:10, remarkable considering he fractured his leg from falling into a crevice on Collins glacier near the start."
Kim Puntillo, New York Times

"You can see a transformation that takes place when Pat puts his racing Helmet on and gets strapped into his race car. It's what I would call a look of controlled rage. When you look at the in-car camera footage it shows (1), how intense the ride can be (2), his ability to stay focused in the extreme, that look, that animal look in his eyes. This is the substance that movies and books are made of."
Mark Everest, Producer, Extreme Machines - The Discovery/TLC Channels

What he has accomplished is truly one of the biggest comebacks in history. Pat’s winning attitude is infectious! It’s made me consider changing my outlook and make priorities.
Tom Shroder: Editor, Washington Post Magazine

"In all of my years in sports----- Patrick Rummerfield as achieved the biggest comeback in what I would consider sports history. It was a privilege to meet and tell his story--one of a true hero."
Dick Schaap: Journalist, ESPN

"From quadriplegic to LA Marathon runner! What an inspirational athlete! This is what determination and the human spirit is all about."
Gary Graves: Journalist, USA TODAY

"Rummerfield’s achievements represent one of the most incredible human comebacks of all times!"
Shav Glick: Journalist, LA Times

"Miracle Miles; Rummerfield Won't Win L.A. Race but His Path From Quadriplegic to Marathon Runner Is a Feat Few Can Match. A true role model!"
Jim Hodges: Journalist, LA Times

"Patrick is without a doubt, a Miracle of Mental Power!"    -    Phil Scott: Journalist, Natural Health

"Rummerfield’s infectious smile and positive outlook takes everyone’s performance to the next level."
John Walters: Journalist, Sport Illustrated

"Spend a few minutes with Patrick and you walk away energized a confident that YOU CAN achieve all of your dreams and goals."
Kim Puntillo: Journalist, New York Times

"Looking into his eyes through the helmet visor, you can see the champion within."
Kay Presto: Journalist, AutoWeek

"Patrick captured all the hearts of Hong Kong. Going down in the record books has become a way of life for Patrick. But completing the first stage and 45 miles of Racing the Planet’s 155 mile run across the Gobi Desert with two fractured ankles from a fall at the start of the race might be the toughest so far."
Desiree Au: Journalist, Hong Kong Post

"Words cannot describe the magnitude of what Patrick Rummerfield has already accomplished nor what he will accomplish."
Harry Jackson Jr.: Journalist, St. Louis Post Dispatch

"Quadriplegic and Back: Pat Rummerfield propelled himself from tragedy to Triathlete. His ability to think outside the box and push his body/mind/soul to incredible limits, coupled with his astonishing drive to achieve goals leaves one awestruck. After spending time with Pat you will want to do a gut check."
Nima Zarrabi; Journalist, Rx Magazine

"If you look in Webster Dictionary under, Humble, Compassionate, Determination, Positive Role Model and Underdog there should be a photo of Patrick Rummerfield. "
Bob Sears; Journalist, The Patriot Ledger