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Green Bananas – the Patrick D. Rummerfield Story.

Read the story of a man who refused to accept he’d never move again. His focus and determination are an inspiration to anyone striving toward their life’s goals.

Patrick’s dreams have inspired and encouraged millions of individuals around the world, both paralyzed and able-bodied. His achievements contain the seeds that create gardens of hope.

“I made a promise to God that if he gives me a second chance to walk and use my hands, I’d help others less fortunate than myself”- Patrick Rummerfield. Patrick is quite literally, a walking miracle.

His story tells of the power of will and Never Giving Up or Giving In. He has experienced the defeat of being told he would die in three days, and yet he lived to tell his own story. He experienced the fear that he would never move any part of his body again, but turned the fear into a challenge….This book tells his story — Read what people have said about the book.


I called out for a nurse.
“Hey,” I said. “Hey, look. I can move my toe. Look down at my foot!”
A nurse who had responded to my outburst looked skeptical. A full quad like me could not do such a thing. “An involuntary twitch,” she said. But I had willed that toe to move after I thought I had seen it twitch. Perhaps that first time it was involuntary. The second time – the second time – it was not. It had moved when I commanded it to.

“No,” I said. “Look.” And I made it twitch again.

When doctors told his family that the best course for Patrick was to be moved to a long-term nursing facility, where he could die in peace, Patrick refused to accept that sentence. He worked hard, and with faith as his guiding light, beat nearly insurmountable odds.

He walked; then he ran. He participated in the Hawaiian Iron Man triathlon, the Antarctic Iron Man triathlon, and the Gobi Desert March—all to set an example for those still striving to achieve recovery from spinal cord injuries.

He was told he would die in three days; he experienced the fear that he would never move any part of his body again, yet he turned that fear into a challenge and has lived to tell his own story.

Today, Patrick devotes his life to public service, to helping others, and to showing the world the power of Activity Based Restoration Therapies. Coupled with positive thinking and the miracles that come from never, ever giving up, he now works with patients affected by spinal cord injuries, and gives inspirational speeches on the power of personal will and perseverance. He raises funds for the Kennedy-Krieger Center for spinal cord research at Johns Hopkins, and for events that benefit spinal cord injured patients.

Pat has been associated with adventure experiences for paralyzed youth, adults and soldiers. He has participated in home and van remodeling that enables spinal-cord-injured people to achieve as much independence as possible

His book, Green Bananas, tells his story in his own words. The title, of course, is from the advice to those of uncertain future to never buy green bananas since their ripening may not be seen. Patrick says, “Never give up: never give in: with an iron will you can always win.” He has been supported by many along his way, and has refused to be discouraged when things didn’t go well.

Comments and endorsements:

Randy Wayne White, New York Times bestselling author

Randy Wayne White is a New York Times bestselling author whose novel, Sanibel Flats, was chosen by the American Independent Mystery Booksellers Association as one of the Favorite Mysteries of the 20th Century, and he was named a “Florida Literary Legend” in 2011 by the Florida Heritage Book Festival.

Here is what he has to say about Green Bananas:

“If you have never heard of Pat Rummerfield — especially if you need a holiday lift — click his name on Facebook (or Google him) and elevate yourself by sharing his fearless, relentless and wonderfully human story. Pat could not be more right when he says we are in different leagues. He is an over-achiever and an inspiration at a level I could never hope to achieve. I’ve just finished his book, Green Bananas, which is highly recommended; a life-changing chronicle for anyone who has doubted the obtainable heights of his or her own unique aspirations. Pat’s book has left me in awe of this incredibly fun, smart, unassuming, very driven and decent man. You lead us Pat, I will follow.”

Peter Major Cadiz, Corporate Solutions SVP Mining & Resources Division

“Pat I’m flying back to Cape Town in a few hours. But ‘just in case’ the plane crashes –I ‘have to say’: Your book is ‘Amazing’!!!! YOU ARE Incredible!! I wrote ‘incredible’ on over 50 pages!
You are a superman. You ‘are’ a hero. You should never have been in that orphanage. You are ‘too’ special. This was one heck of an emotional ride I’m still shaking and screaming for joy as I’m writing this. I read a book a week and this book (Green Bananas) will do very well in any market.”

Wendy Evans

“Wow! What an amazing book! I sat down and read it in one night and was left feeling completely awe inspired and blessed. Thank you Patrick for sharing your triumphs and tragedies with us and helping us to feel like we were there with you through it all. What an inspiration you are to all people by showing what is possible with an iron will!! I am recommending your book to all my family, friends, patients and their caregivers!!”

Janie Lohoefer

“Pat, got your book on Friday. I read the whole book on Saturday…Amazing is all I can say! I loved it!!! It is very interesting and easy to read, you did a great job writing it! I don’t think I really ever knew the extent of your injuries and what you actually went through…you truly do have an Iron Will! Your book brought both tears and laughter to my eyes; it is definitely an inspiration to anyone who reads it. You are an amazing person, who has such a zest and joy for life! I know you will continue to amaze us all! Thanks so much for writing your book.”

Dawn McLees

“Pat’s smooth and descriptive writing style immediately draws you in and allows you to feel as though you are there with him, experiencing every tragedy and triumph in his incredible life. I remained completely engaged from the first chapter to the last, but then what else would one expect from a walking miracle?”

H. DeWayne Ashmead Ph.D. CEO/Owner Albion Labs

“Due to a mutual passion for automobiles, Pat and I have been friends for almost two decades. Over those years I have previously heard many of the stories now recorded in his book, “Green Bananas.” In spite of that, there were so many other critical events included. I was on the edge of my seat as I devoured the book in its entirety. At times, Pat brought me to tears as he faced adversities most of us will never see or fully understand. I found myself cheering as he conquered each one and then, without looking back, went on climbing to new heights with their incumbent challenges.”

Book club leader Traci Knoll:

“I wanted to let you and Pat know how much my book club enjoyed “Green Bananas”.
My “Bionic Book Club” includes 6 ladies from my neighborhood, all busy moms that can’t seem to find much time to read. We read biographies, and meet every 6-8 weeks. Pat’s book was so inspiring. Talk about getting knocked down just to get back up again and again and again. We keep our books ranked and “Green Bananas” has made it into the top 4. Thanks for a great read!!!”

High School English Teacher and Librarian Marcia Block:

Patrick Rummerfield’s amazing struggle to overcome his injuries and not only walk again but to do all the things he dreamed of is fascinating.  His perseverance and ingenuity are nothing short of inspiring.  Not only will adults find the story inspiring, but as adolescent boys in particular will enjoy the adventure and real-life heroism.

Tala Hadavi, Journalist, Voice of America TV & Radio – Patrick’s story is going around the world to over 145 million in 40 different languages.

Greg Williams, Journalist, AARP – Pat Rummerfield offers something that no celebrity or doctor can and that is HOPE. He is an inspiration and a walking proof of HOPE. Pat is an extreme example of motivation to all of us.

Tom Shroder, Editor, Washington Post Magazine –  Truly one of the biggest comebacks in history. Pat’s winning attitude is infectious.  It’s made me consider changing my outlook and making new priorities.

Walter Payton, NFL Hall of Fame – Seldom do you find a person that is so passionate about cars, racing and achieving his goals that you get excited and want to run out and achieve something.

Gordon Liddy – PatRummerfield’s tenacity reminds me of the guys in the Delta Forces, plus he likes Corvettes like I do.

Gary Graves, Journalist, USA TODAY – Quitting is not in this guy’s vocabulary, from quadriplegic to LA Marathon runner! What an inspirational athlete! This is what determination and the human spirit is all about.

Sam Schmidt, Sam Schmidt Motorsports – Pat is a diamond in the rough. This guy can take you to the next level.

John Walters, Sports Illustrated – His unwillingness to give up is contagious; he makes nonbelievers believe in themselves.

Dr. John McDonald, Director, former International Center for Spinal Cord Injury – Most people who have the same neck MRI as his are in a wheelchair. What separates Pat from the majority is that he will never give up until he achieves his goals!

Bob Bondurant, Bondurant Racing School of High Performance Driving – I have coached a lot of racers. Pat has the aggressive mental toughness and focus that are two critical factors in a successful racing career.

Nima Zarrabi, Journalist, Rx Magazine: Quadriplegic and Back; From Tragedy to Triathlete.  – After spending time with Pat you will want to do a gut check.

Pete Peterson, FOX Sports Director, St. Louis – Can you say hero?