Patrick's dreams have inspired and encouraged millions of individuals around the world, both paralyzed and able-bodied. His achievements contain the seeds that create gardens of hope.
Now Patrick is planning even more actions to promote support of Missouri Kids, an organization that supports students injured in sports. Click on MEDIA to view.


"I made a promise to God that if he gives me a second chance to walk and use my hands, I'd help others less fortunate than myself"- Patrick Rummerfield. Patrick is quite literally, a walking miracle.


His story tells of the power of will and Never Giving Up or Giving In. He has experienced the defeat of being told he would die in three days, and yet he lived to tell his own story. He experienced the fear that he would never move any part of his body again, but turned the fear into a challenge….This book tells his story


Read the story of a man who refused to accept he’d never move again. His focus and determination are an inspiration to anyone striving toward their life’s goals.