Visiting Wounded Soldiers

Visiting Wounded and Injured Soldiers as a Motivational Speaker Provides Experience Pat Would Never Forget

May 13, 2007 (Baltimore, MD) – I boarded a plane from St. Louis to Frankfurt International Airport at the invitation of Colonel W. Bryan Gamble, Commander Landstuhl Regional Medical Center (LRMC) and Konrad Braun, Director, USO Kaiserslautern. Their itinerary had me visiting wounded and injured soldiers as well as a giving a motivational talk to the Medical personnel in LRMC. The trip offered an experience I will never forget.

The USOs hospitality and organization kept me busy meeting wounded soldiers and maximizing my limited time at the base. I wish more US citizens could see the results of the hard working professionals dedicated to the care of our soldiers. The exceptional doctors, nurses and staff working at this world-class medical facility embody extraordinary dignity and compassion treating our brave wounded and injured US soldiers and NATO forces. “

The Medical personnel at LRMC, such as Maj. Paul Langevin of the 435th AMDS/CASF and Lt. Col. Werthman, are living examples of the selfless heroes who constitute this crucial ready-to-act unit. They are worthy of the highest honors of gratitude and noble devotion to duty.

The highly professional health care staff and first rate emergency medicine/triage operations in Germany should make all of us back home very proud. The care our soldiers receive at this facility rival any high level health care institution in the states.

The LRMC hospitals in Germany achieve success by undertaking the critically complicated task of caring for the emergency medical needs for our nation’s most highly cherished resource, the men and women of the US armed forces. On such a crucial responsibility, we should be grateful to our United States Armed Forces Medical Personnel for achieving such a high standard of excellence.

The entire experience left me more impressed with the armed services and eager to assist by any means in the future.

Lt. Col. Werthman honored me with the Command Coin of Excellence at the conclusion of my visit.

Meeting Gary Sinise and the members of the Lt. Dan Band was a great honor and an experience that I will never forget.

Many know Gary as a talented actor from the big screen and television, most recently on CSI. Gary’s role as Lt Dan Taylor in the movie Forrest Gump has taken on a new importance today. “Lieutenant Dan” was the character Gary portrayed in the 1994 film Forrest Gump, a role for which he earned an Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actor.

In September 2004, this Oscar nominee began visiting troops around the world, people (even little kids) who didn’t know him as Gary Sinise, the actor, would recognize him as “Lt.Dan”. Those courageous men & women of our military identify strongly with the character, so the name Lt. Dan Band name was an easy choice for his group. Reading about Gary Sinise’s patriotic passion for the troops is an inspiration to all who visit his web site.

The Lt. Dan Band features Gary on base guitar, Danny Gottlieb on drums , Danny’s wife Beth, purcussionest, among a talented twelve member musical phemonenon. The synergy of these talented, passionate artists results in performances that repeatedly generate an infectious energy bringing the audience to their feet singing, dancing and swaying.

The Lt. Dan Band’s repertoir includes music from Springsteen, Linkin Park, Aretha and Hendrix among others. If you don’t find your heart pounding and your feet tapping with happiness, you need to see your family physician ASAP! This group is electrifying and offers something for everyone.